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Disability Student Services Professionals Linkedin Group





This group was established to enable disability student services professionals (DSSP), from every corner of the world, to:

  1. freely find and contact each other individually;

  2. know more than the name of other members; You can view rich professional profiles of every DSSP Group member;

  3. freely reach out to other DSSP Group members to build new business friendships and to solicit help when you need it;

  4. accelerate your career by making other DSSP Group members aware of your successes, affiliations, talents and work experiences;

  5. discover new job opportunities, get referrals and learn about organizations you never new existed from other DSSP Group members;

If you find that joining our DSSP Group beneficial... we encourage you to invite your DSSP colleagues to join!

In case you are unaware... joining our DSSP LinkedIn Group is absolutely free.


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Note: All membership requests are subject to approval by our group manager. It may take 2-3 days to get approved.  Thank you, in advance, for your patience.


We hope our DSSP LinkedIn Group fosters many, fruitful, relationships for you!


Sincerely Yours,


Steve Jacobs, President

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