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Let’s Talk: Promoting Disability Inclusion in Today’s Multi-Generational Workplace

Erin Perugini Intersectionality is important in today’s society as “people do not just have one facet of their identity,” said Leila Peterson of SchoolTalk in a Jan. 19 webinar sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center. The webinar explored the intersection between millennials and individuals with disabilities. Specifically, presenters described the methods and results of conducting intergenerational [...]

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The technology sector could make or break disability inclusion

By Catherine Cheney catherinecheney Advocates for disability rights want to see a greater commitment to disability inclusion in product development as well as global development. Photo by: Exchanges Photos / CC BY-NC-ND One of the criticisms of the technology industry is that, by focusing on products and platforms, it has forgotten about people. Advocates for disability rights are adding [...]

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