Why Siri Won’t Listen to Millions of People with Disabilities

Speech-recognition systems promise the world. But for more than nine million people with voice ailments, that world is out of reach By Emily Mullin on May 27, 2016 Emma Mattes has given up on Siri. No matter how clearly or slowly Mattes speaks, the Apple iPhone’s iconic voice-recognition technology has been no help to the 69-year-old [...]

For People With Disabilities, New Technology Can Be Life Changing

By Laura Sydell Paul Herzlich works in Google’s legal department and helped develop a special sensor for “pressure sores” by those who use wheelchairs.Paul Herzlich works in Google’s legal department and helped develop a special sensor for “pressure sores” by those who use wheelchairs.Laura Sydell/NPRFor most of us, eye tracking technology sounds interesting. But it’s [...]


Tens of Millions Worldwide to Benefit from Highly-Accurate, Low-Cost, Captioning Services

HILLIARD, Ohio - April 12, 2016 - PRLog – IDEAL Group, Inc. today announced that it was selected to develop the world’s first commercial multi-lingual/dialect, speech-driven, real-time captioning service. This unique cloud-based service will offer tens-of-millions of consumers and organizations worldwide, low-cost captioning services that are impressively accurate. Contributing to the accuracy of the captions is a “crowd-based” caption-correction [...]

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Patients with learning disabilities less likely to be diagnosed with cancer, but have higher rates of serious mental health issues compared to general public

Coronary heart disease and cancer rates among people with learning disabilities are nearly a third lower than the general population, says new research. But experts say this may be because they are difficult to diagnose, as people with a learning disability are less capable of articulating their conditions, and so medical staff may be missing [...]


Google is making Android far more accommodating for people with disabilities

Google is currently testing an Android app that will let you control some primary functions with only your voice, the company announced today. The accessibility software is called Voice Access, and it’s designed to let people with disabilities take better advantage of core Android functions in a hands-free manner. It’s in beta right now, and although the application [...]


Lawmaker wants ombudsman for developmentally disabled

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – A lawmaker has introduced a bill that would create an ombudsman for Rhode Islanders with developmental disabilities. Rep. Eileen Naughton, a Warwick Democrat, says the state needs an official advocate for the developmentally disabled in the same way it has advocates for children, elderly and the mentally ill. Her legislation comes [...]


New Ohio school barricade rules concern disability group

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (AP) – The Ohio building standards board on Friday gave final approval to rules allowing schools to deploy barricade devices in the event of an active shooter, but a disability rights group said they are not consistent with federal law ensuring equal access. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that locks be usable [...]

Disneyland Cracks Down on Fake Disabilities, Forgets Real Ones

Disney parks used to be a haven for children with disabilities and their families. But that’s about to change. As my mother once observed to me, “A day at the beach with your family is no day at the beach.” This is no reflection on the members of my family. Looking at them with a [...]

Tech tools for disabled people

By Virginia Burroughs Contributing Writer In 1984, two mothers decided to pool their resources of toys, games and technology used with their disabled children, because many items were expensive and often short-lived. They started a lending library for parents to test and borrow assistive tools. Their library gained nonprofit status, went through several name and [...]

$4.8 Million Awarded to Improve Outcomes for Children with Disabilities through Improved Adolescent Literacy, Accessible Technology, Media Services and Educational Materials

The U.S. Department of Education today announced the award of more than $4.8 million in grants to improve outcomes for children with disabilities. Included is $1.2 million to upgrade adolescent literacy for students with disabilities and $3.6 million to enhance results for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities through the use of accessible technology, [...]