The key principles upon which we base our client/partner relationships are as follows:


There should be no separate technology or business side of a company. Instead there should be a unified team of people who understand both the business and technology perspectives and who use that knowledge to come up with innovative accessible and usable business solutions.

Desire to Succeed:

We’re driven in everything we do by a deep desire to see that your technology solutions are as accessible and usable as reasonable, technically possible and economically feasible

Common Goal:

We help our clients understand how accessibly-designed technology can assist in accomplishing their specific strategic goals. Projects are shaped and motivated by business drivers and not the technologies themselves.

Understanding Our Role:

We believe that throughout our business partnership there should be no significant distinction between IDEAL Group professionals and your own staff. The team should work together as a cohesive unit focused on achieving the objectives.

Our Responsibility:

IDEAL Group understands that our responsibility is to establish processes that ensure the maximization of accessible design techniques, user-buy-in, project participation, and knowledge sharing. All team members are kept informed so everyone knows what has to be accomplished to be successful

Trust and Commitment:

Strong business relationships are based on a foundation of executive commitment, ongoing open communications, and mutual credibility and trust. When you work with us you benefit from a business partnership that draws upon the strengths of each team member and utilizes their experience, expertise, and judgment.