Accessible Apps are the centerpiece of an organizations accessibility program; however they may not be the only part. Reaching the community of blind and visually impaired customers and successfully meeting their expectations for an accessible experience can be challenging. Addressing regulatory requirements and anticipating future accessibility standards means intensive on-going efforts. Designing user interfaces and emerging technology to include accessibility as a core element requires highly specialized knowledge.  We are pleased to offer expanded services which will enable you to accomplish all of your accessibility goals efficiently and successfully.

Customer Service Planning and Training

What is the best strategy for providing the kind of accurate and specialized support for accessible products and services? Ideal Group can Taylor a plan to meet your specific needs.

Accessible Documentation

Do your PDF documents measure up in terms of accessibility and 508 compliance?  What happens when braille or another specialized format is requested? Ideal Group can design in-house capacity or provide on-going contract support services.

Tutorials and Manuals

What kinds of accessible documentation best support an accessible product? Ideal Group can evaluate existing documentation and support materials and make recommendations for accessible formats. Ideal Group can assist in the development of specific support materials for your accessible products.

Outreach and Marketing

What is the best way to reach the blind and visually impaired consumer? Who are the steak holders and opinion leaders in this community and what is the best way to engage them? Ideal Group has direct  ties to the blind and visually impaired consumer as well as close personal relationships to opinion leaders. We are ready to represent our clients using all these.

Section 508 Compliance

What are current Section 508 requirements? More importantly how will the proposed revisions to the law effect your business? Ideal Group consultants have participated on the advisory bodies responsible for creating the proposed regulations. They are available to advise your organization now that the regulations are about to be issued.

Web Site Accessibility

What makes a web site accessible? What development processes and testing ensure on-going accessibility? Ideal Group consultants have experience managing a national Certification program. They can recommend in-house strategies or provide on-going contract testing services.

User Interface Design for Accessibility

How can sound design practices contribute to accessibility from the ground up? Ideal Group consultants have deep experience in product design, including the first hand-held reading system for the blind. They can provide a full range of design support and testing as part of product development.

Expert and Focus Group Testing

You think your product is not only accessible but useable, but is it? Ideal Group consultants have conducted hundreds of product evaluations and published in the major publications in the field. Their expertise in both focus group and expert testing is now available to your organization.

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