10 Best Online Schools and Resources for Students with Disabilities

A new guide from OnlineSchoolsCenter ranks the top 10 disability-friendly schools and offers guidance to students with disabilities.

By Sri Ravipati

OnlineSchoolsCenter.com, a virtual publication that evaluates online higher education, issued an informational guide on online education opportunities for students with disabilities.

Navigating an Online Education for Students with Disabilities,” written by author and higher education researcher Kenneth Williams, includes a ranking of the top 10 disability-friendly schools in the country. Schools were evaluated and selected based on accessibility and willingness to accommodate to students with disabilities.

In order of rank, the top 10 schools are:

  1. Ball State University in Indiana;
  2. University of Arizona;
  3. University of California, Berkeley;
  4. Cleveland State University in Ohio;
  5. University of Connecticut;
  6. Edinboro University in Pennsylvania;
  7. University of Houston in Texas;
  8. University of Illinois;
  9. University of Southern Illinois; and
  10. Michigan State University.

William advises students with disabilities to open up a line of communication with the school’s student services staff or the admissions staff, so that they know what accommodations are needed.

Additionally, the guide includes sections on student rights and policies, documentation, financial aid, grants and scholarships.

The guide is available in its entirety on the OnlineSchoolsCenter site.