IDEAL Group’s Contributions to Developing PATSS

IDEAL Group’s Portable Assistive Technology Software SmartDrive® includes a large number of portable assistive technology applications. IDEAL Group did not develop any of them. The developers of each application deserve all the credit for developing, maintaining and providing these applications. The URL to the developer’s website for each application is listed beneath the name of each application. We encourage you to directly support these developers.

IDEAL Group’s contributions to this project are as follows:

  • Configured and “externally wrapped” applications (when necessary) that were not offered in portable versions.
    Developed a talking user interface to all the portable asistive etchnology applications that does not require users to be able to read or see in order to use the SmartDrive.
  • Developed a configuration utility that enables professionals to customize each SmartDrive based upon the assessment of individual users by qualified AT professionals.
  • Supported the scientific research, conducted by Ohio State University Nisonger Center’s “Access Tomorrow” project. Access Tomorrow validated the effectives of using PATSS to Increase Academic and Transition Outcomes.
  • Supported the provision of PATSS to High School High Tech programs across the country.