Historical IDEAL Group Projects

Bush 54th Inauguration Technology Project:
Integrated technology into George W. Bush’s Inauguration Program and Guidebook. The project repurposed technology being used by the Israeli military to come up with a method that enables a person who is blind to scan 77 pages of text… with only one pass of a scanner, with 100% accuracy.
54th Program Book (See Page 32)
54th Guide Book (See Page 77)
Edgar Online: Bush Presidential Inauguration Publications Use High-Tech Code
IDEAL at NCR and Intacta Technologies, Inc. Demonstrate New Accessibility Technology

Fifty-Fourth eNaugural.com Ball Webcast:
Hosted fully-accessible 54th eNaugural.com Ball Webcast

AT&T Bell Labs Project Freedom:
From 1990-1994 Steve Jacobs served as Chairman of AT&T Project Freedom. It was during this time that Steve’s engineering group pioneered the development and use of interactive video technology for sign-language communications over telephones.  This technology is now referred to Video Relay Services (VRS). What follows is a link to a video of Project Freedom’s first pilot test.  This video captures a gathering of students from Horace Mann Montesory School for the Deaf using ASL to communicate with each other over telephones, for the first time in history. This video also contains video footage of Alexander Graham Bell.
Video: First ASL Communication Over Telephones
Although a competitor, Sprint used Project Freedom’s Vistium Video System for their first VRS pilot test in Texas.  Here is a 1995 flyer announcing the pilot test
Here is a GA-SK Newsletter article about Sprint’s pilot test
Here is a photo of Reid Huntt (Chairman of the FCC at that time) and Steve Jacobs, Chairman, AT&T Project Freedom demonstrating their video system to FCC Commissioners

Smithsonian Institution:
Designed, developed and implemented accessible prototype kiosks for the Smithsonian Institution’s American History Museum
Link to showcase

President Clinton’s Digital Divide Tour:
Technology Demonstrations

Digital Talking Book:
Vice President Gore: Published a Digital Talking Book in support of a reception held at the residence of Vice President Gore.
Business Week Article

Internet Resource Center:
53rd Presidential Inauguration

Clinton‘s 53rd Presidential Inauguration:
Integrated technology into the 53rd Presidential Inaugural Program Book.
Inauguration Program Book