High-Level IDEAL Group Projects

Trump Administration

  • Developed demonstration telecom app in support of the FCC’s mandated migration from TTY to RTT Technology.
  • Speech2RTT® Communicator

Obama Administration

Bush Administration: 54th Inauguration Technology Project

Bush Administration: Fifty-Fourth eNaugural.com Ball Webcast

Clinton Administration: AT&T Bell Labs Project Freedom

Smithsonian Institution:

  • Designed, developed and implemented accessible prototype kiosks for the Smithsonian Institution’s American History Museum
  • Link to showcase
  • Photos

President Clinton’s Digital Divide Tour:

Clinton Administration: Digital Talking Book Production

  • Vice President Gore: Published a Digital Talking Book in support of a reception held at the residence of Vice President Gore.
  • Photo

Clinton Administration: Built Internet  Resource Center for the 53rd Presidential Inaugural Committee

Clinton Administration: 53rd Presidential Inauguration