Articles for 2018

About the 1st Interactive Relay Service

In early 1994, Project Freedom’s / IDEAL’s work was commemorated in a video. The video captured the first two-way “voice telephone” ASL conversation. The conversation took place between students and teachers from the Horace Mann Montessori School in Dayton, Ohio. The video also showcased historical footage of Alexander Graham Bell. Although a competitor, Sprint used Project Freedom’s Vistium Video System hardware and [...]

About uCaption

uCaption is a fully accessible captioning system developed for Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc. by IDEAL Group, Inc. Note: The architecture of Trace R&D’s Closed Caption Correction (CCC) prototype (see IDEAL Captions, Inc.) system was the functional foundation upon which IDEAL Group developed uCaption, using Google technologies.  

About Speech2RTT Communications

Speech2RTT® is an Android application that enables people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and non-verbal to communicate with anyone, including people who can hear and speak, using their Android smartphone. Speech2RTT works across all wireless networks. It transcribes and then streams the text of what is being said, in real-time, between individuals. If a user cannot speak, or [...]

About Knowledge Discovery Solutions, Inc.

Established in 2014, Knowledge Discovery Solutions , a joint venture company of IDEAL Group, Inc. and Shaping Tomorrow, offers knowledge-mining solutions in support of gathering “anticipatory intelligence” to help industry and government agencies identify and act upon emerging opportunities as well as identify the risks associated with those opportunities. KDS is the world’s first, multi-award winning, and only AI-driven [...]

About InftyReader Group, Inc.

Established in March, 2007, InftyReader Group offers a sophisticated optical character recognition application that is used by thousands of universities around the world to recognize, convert, and enable the editing of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) documents into accessible formats in support of students with print disabilities. Converted formats include LaTeX, MathML, Human Readable TeX, [...]

About IDEAL Captions, Inc.

IDEAL Captions Trace R&D first implemented real-time caption correction in the 1990’s as part of its work in the National Computational Science Alliance, funded by NSF, and demonstrated it at Supercomputing 1999. In 2011, the Trace Center, in collaboration with IDEAL Group, developed a “proof-of-concept” version of the Closed Caption Correction (CCC) system using standard [...]

About IDEAL VoiceBase

IDEAL VoiceBase IDEAL VoiceBase Captioning Infrastructure (IVBCI) provides users the ability to upload audio recordings and uncaptioned /poorly captioned videos for automatic captioning.  The system is capable of transcribing speech in any of the following languages/dialects:  Dutch, English (Australian), English (Indian) , English (South East Asian), English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Spanish [...]

About Apps4Android, Inc.

Established in January, 2009, Apps4Android is a social entrepreneurship company. Its primary objective is not to earn a profit, but to implement widespread technological change in society that enhances the independence, quality of life, and employability of individuals with disabilities. Apps4Android is the world’s largest developer of Android applications designed in support of individuals with [...]

IDEAL LinkedIn Groups

We cordially invite you to join our LinkedIn Groups! Android Accessibility Interest Group Assistive Technology Professionals Disability Student Services Professionals K12 Assistive Technology Professionals Math Accessibility Professionals Rehabilitation Technology Professionals Section 508 Accessibility Professionals Speech, Language and Hearing Professionals Speech2RTT Communicator User Group  

Steve Jacobs Bio

Steve Jacobs President, IDEAL Group, Inc. History of IDEAL Group 2809 Bohlen Drive Hilliard, OH 43026-9012 Phone: (614) 777-0660 Fax: (614) 522-1031 TTY: (800) 750-0750 Skype: stevenijacobs IDEAL Group Companies and Major Projects: IDEAL Captions, Inc. Apps4android, Inc. InftyReader Group, Inc. Knowledge Discovery Solutions, Inc. Speech2RTT Communications, Inc. uCaption, Inc. Bio: Steve Jacobs has been [...]