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Speech2RTT® Communicator

Speech2RTT® Communicator, an IDEAL Group innovation, is an Android-based mobile app that offers all of the above, and more, on most Android smart phones. Speech2RTT® Communicator handles all of the following processes, locally, on your smart phone: Speech Recognition/Transcription/Error Correction; Immediate, real-time, streaming of the resulting text; and Two-way real-time text communications. Speech2RTT® Communicator enables people [...]

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Introducing uCaption, an IDEAL Group Innovation

uCaption is a speech-driven, real-time, closed caption streaming and correction infrastructure. It is the final result of a long development cycle that began at the Trace Center in the 1990s, with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The R&D project continued into the 2010’s through a collaboration between Trace and IDEAL Group with funding from the [...]

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This App Is Making Online Dating Better For People With Disabilities

Kathryn Lindsay For better or worse, online dating is all about putting on an act. You hand-pick your photos and traits to balance what best represents you and how you want to present yourself to the Tinder-verse. However, for new dating app, Glimmer, it’s all about honesty — especially when it comes to disabilities. “A lot [...]


UAEU students developing gesture control technologies to help people with disabilities

Melanie Swan AL AIN // Technology that can help people with disabilities by using body movements to control artificial limbs and other devices is being developed at UAE University. Smart Gesture Control and Recognition Technology – similar to technology used in gaming – is designed to give the elderly and those with physical disabilities greater [...]


Dyslexics learn to get support, take charge of their lives

By Pam Adams   PEORIA – By sixth grade, Katelyn Kocher had a standard greeting for every teacher at the beginning of every school year. “Hi, I’m Katelyn. I’m dyslexic. I have a 504 plan, have you read it and do you have any questions?” she’d ask, referring to the medically-approved plan that lays out how [...]


Lawsuit Fights for 911 to Accept Texts from the Disabled

Text-to-911 technology is currently being used by 11 out of 62 counties in New York and a dozen states across the nation. BY CHAU LAM, NEWSDAY (RYAN WHISENHUNT) (TNS) — Two New Yorkers with disabilities who are unable to communicate with 911 operators by telephone have filed a lawsuit in federal court in Brooklyn, alleging [...]


The technology sector could make or break disability inclusion

By Catherine Cheney catherinecheney Advocates for disability rights want to see a greater commitment to disability inclusion in product development as well as global development. Photo by: Exchanges Photos / CC BY-NC-ND One of the criticisms of the technology industry is that, by focusing on products and platforms, it has forgotten about people. Advocates for disability rights are adding [...]

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Disney is offering a new way for blind and low-vision fans to enjoy “Finding Dory” in the movie theaters by utilizing groundbreaking technology in their Disney Movies Anywhere mobile app.

Hailing the new service as a breakthrough in independent moviegoing, the app uses smart-syncing audio description to provide users with a free audio description that “elegantly narrates important on-screen action for those who can’t always follow along visually.” Users can listen to the track by using an iPhone or iPad and headphones in conjunction with [...]

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She overcame blindness to thrive at Google

by Parija Kavilanz @CNNTech Meet Google’s blind engineer When Jyotsna Kaki got a call from Google, she was stunned. She had never applied for a job with the tech giant. “I thought that getting into Google was impossible for me,” said Kaki, 33, who is blind. But it wasn’t, thanks to her brother who passed [...]

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10 Best Online Schools and Resources for Students with Disabilities

A new guide from OnlineSchoolsCenter ranks the top 10 disability-friendly schools and offers guidance to students with disabilities. By Sri Ravipati, a virtual publication that evaluates online higher education, issued an informational guide on online education opportunities for students with disabilities. “Navigating an Online Education for Students with Disabilities,” written by author and higher education [...]

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