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High-Level IDEAL Group Projects

Trump Administration Developed demonstration telecom app in support of the FCC’s mandated migration from TTY to RTT Technology. Speech2RTT® Communicator Obama Administration Developed a Digital Talking eBook Reader and helped produce accessible STEM educational content in support of schools across the country. Bush Administration: 54th Inauguration Technology Project Integrated technology into George W. Bush’s Inauguration [...]

Sampling of IDEAL Group/Apps4Android Grant Participations

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education Grant Number H133E110002 Dates: 10/1/2011 – 9/30/2012 National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) Funded by The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Technologies Objective: To develop ID accessibility packs for Sprint. ID Packs are bundles of applications which have been designed to assist individuals who cannot effectively read [...]

More about IDEAL’s PATSS

Credits: The developers of each of the assistive technology applications, listed below, deserve all the credit for developing, maintaining, and supporting their applications. IDEAL Group did not develop any of these applications with the exception of IDEAL Group’s proprietary talking menu, configuration utility, dynamic link library (DLL) files, and portablization files. If you find any [...]

IDEAL Group’s Contributions to Developing PATSS

IDEAL Group’s Portable Assistive Technology Software SmartDrive® includes a large number of portable assistive technology applications. IDEAL Group did not develop any of them. The developers of each application deserve all the credit for developing, maintaining and providing these applications. The URL to the developer’s website for each application is listed beneath the name of each [...]

Benefits of IDEAL Group’s Portable Assistive Technology Software SmartDrive

Improves transition outcomes for individuals with disabilities from home to school, home to work, school to school, school to college, school to employment, college to employment and in adult life in general; Reduces the cost of providing AT software; Eliminates ownership issues which preclude individuals from carrying their AT software with them from school/work and [...]

About IDEAL Group’s Portable Assistive Technology Software SmartDrive® (PATSS)

IDEAL Group’s Portable Assistive Technology Software SmartDrive® (PATSS) is a collection of smartdrive-based, portable, open source (and otherwise no-cost-to-the-user) assistive technology software designed to leverage the success of (in alphabetical order): Assistive Technology (AT) State Programs; Assistive Technology Demonstration and Training Programs; Centers for Independent Living; Client Assistance Programs; Companies wishing to accommodate the technology-based [...]

Steve Jacobs and the History of Video Relay Services in the United States

In 1991, shortly after NCR was acquired by AT&T, Steve Jacobs (currently the president of IDEAL Group Inc.) was appointed Chairman of AT&T “Project Freedom”  with the mission to “carry forward AT&T’s videophone work” in support of people who are deaf. In the United States AT&T’s Bell Labs conducted extensive research and development of videophones, [...]