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Best Talking Website Solution® Keyboard Shortcuts

To Activate Keyboard Shortcuts: Click on the Best Talking Website Solution® player; Press Ctrl+Space1; and, You can now switch between active elements using the Tab key. Keyboard shortcuts: Focus and play1: (Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Space; Mac: Alt + Space). Play/Pause: The Space and Enter keys toggles play and pause. Volume level2: Use numeric keys from [...]

Features of the Best Talking Website Solution®

Self-voices all of your web pages; Uses exceptionally high-quality voices (22KHz); Selection of language; Adjustable player (skins and sizes); Male and Female voice; Adjustable voices (speed and volume); Ability to save web content as MP3 files; Voicing automatically changes with content changes; No software installation required; Fast implementation; and Low-cost.

About the Best Talking Website Solution®

The Best Talking Website Solution® is a player which, after embedding a snippet of javascript in your web templates, enables users to hear the content of your website in very high-quality voices. The Best Talking Website Solution® can be used as a text-to-speech solution on any website, making it more attractive and accessible to all, [...]